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Bathing will always be an essential when it comes to pet grooming. Overtime, dirt and moisture can get trapped in their fur and it promotes the growth of bacteria which can lead to health issues such as skin inflammation/fungal growth. Hence, it is always recommended to have a good bathing routine for your furkids. We’d love to bathe your furkids and have them feeling refreshed and pleasant smelling 🧼!

Hair Cut

Just like us humans, our furkids requires an occasional haircut in order to keep their fur neat and tidy. Having overgrown fur without proper routine maintenance can lead to the matting of their fur which can lead to moisture buildup and cause bacteria growth. Hence, it is important to have a neat and tidy hair cut for our furkid. Health benefits aside, giving your furkids a makeover can give them a better look aesthetic wise. Who doesnt want to look good ✂!

dematting &

Matted fur is a common occurence in most pets with long and thick volume of hair such as Dogs and Cats. Water is one of the many reasons. When the fur is wet and left to dry on its own, it is easy for the hair strands to get tangled up. Another reason would be poor grooming maintenance especially for dogs with long or curly fur type. Without proper maintenance, existing matted fur can quickly cause more fur to get tangled up into big clumps, cloaking any present skin issues. This can all be prevented by having a good grooming routine that includes dematting and deshedding. However, it can be difficult to do so without the proper expertise and tools. Let our experts help solve your furkid fur matting problem!

nail cutting &
ear cleaning

Nail cutting is an important step that some may have neglected unintentionally. Having long nails increases the chance of it breaking and when your furkids gets too excited and starts running and jumping. A broken nail can bleed profusely! In some cases, when the nails are left to grow too long, it could grow and curve inwards, digging into the paw pad which would cause a wound and an infection.

Ear Cleaning is also another important step that is often neglected due to the symptoms and conditions not being surface visible. Moisture, wax, dead skins and dirt can easily build up inside the ears if not its not cleaned often and thoroughly. Especially for dogs with droopy/floppy ears, the inner part of their ears are constantly covered without air ventilation which causes damping > bacteria/fungal growth.

herbal BAth

Herbal spa offers a natural soothing therapy especially for dogs with sensitive skin or with any existing skin conditions by harnessing the healing properties of 100% natural oriental botanical ingredients. It helps invigorate blood circulation and balances vital energy flow to the skin, improving sensitive and pesky skin problems, helping your furkid achieve healthier skin and coat! The herbal spa also contains natural antiseptic properties limiting bacterial and fungal growth, and helps to balance oil secretion to promote non-greasy skin. It also offers other benefits such as relief for skin problems such as eczema, itch, inflammation and redness. Furthermore, it has deep cleansing properties that removes impurities such as dead skin cells/dandruff, promoting skin renewal ✨.

⭐Highly recommended for dogs with persisting skin issues!!!

skin & wound care

Being dog owners ourselves, we fully understand the complex complications when our pet is suffering from any skin issues, especially when it is not treated during the early stages of the problem. When your furkid is having any skin related problems, it does not always entail a trip down to the vet. Common skin issues can be treated with the proper treatment knowledge and medicine. Over the decade, we have helped solved many of our clients dogs that are suffering from skin problems. With our substantial experience, we believe that we would be able to help your furkid recover from any skin issues they are facing 💊.

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